Health Coaching

One of the most powerful ways to shift your well-being is through healthy, mindful eating. Our holistic nutrition program is designed to make the process as easy as possible to ensure your success in a safe, nurturing, and non-judemental environment. 

Whether you are looking to achieve your optimal weight, tame your anxiety and depression, increase your energy levels, improve your digestion, or reverse and even prevent disease we believe you will find the healing you're looking for through our services.

Our three week program includes:

-1 complimentary 15 minute phone consultation

-1 game plan visit (1 hour) 

-Meal plan with recipes

-Recommeneded lifestyle changes

-Two follow up phone calls (15 minutes each)

-Unlimited email access

-1 follow up visit (30 minutes)

-$150 investment

After suffering with health problems for years, Lacey Maloney was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. Her symptoms dramatically improved only after she finally adopted a whole-food, plant based lifestyle.

Lacey is now a certified holistic nutritionist, which allows her to share her knowledge, passion, and experience with clients who are ready to change the way they feel through food and simple lifestyle changes.

Nutrition doesn't need to include calorie restriction, fad diets, or tasteless meals. It simply requires an open mind and the desire to heal.